11 Great Uses for Quilted Lap Throws

Quilted Lap Throws can be so handy during the holidays....

  1. Drape it on your chair, right at hand when ready to relax.
  2. Family elders who chill easily will appreciate the handy shawl
  3. Tired toddlers nod out quickly when buried under the quilt
  4. Lay on the floor for new borns to keep an easy eye on them
  5. Use as an table cloth for the children's table.
  6. Get several for extra seating using TV trays
  7. Bring it on sleigh rides to keep your seat warm
  8. Quickly cover a worn ottoman for unexpected visitors
  9. At 36" x 27" it is easily tucked in the car
  10. Decorate your dog's bed for the holidays
  11. Tack it to a dowel to hang on your door in place of a wreath

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