You bought the perfect quilt, now how do you care for it?

How to Care for Your Quilts


All of our quilts are machine washable, but care is recommended. If possible, wash quilt in in large commercial washer on the gentle cycle to allow for plenty of room and thorough cleaning. While home washers can be used (if capacity allows),the agitators in home machines may stretch the patchwork or appliques. Always wash in cold water using a laundry product designed for delicate fabrics. This ensures the colors stay true. Always wash the quilt by itself at the fullest setting, and rinse in cold water. Fabric softners can be used and will minimize wrinkling. Tip: Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar in wash water to set and preserve colors.


It is best to air dry quilts when possible as machine drying tends to lift and fade the threads on the surface of fabrics and cause the colors to appear faded. However, it is possible to dry the quilt in a large capacity dryer on a lower setting to minimize fading. Fabric softening sheets also help minimize fading. Commercial dryers offer the best air flow for larger quilts.


The beauty of owning a patchwork quilt for life is that they are so easy to mend! After all, they are made of patchwork! Should a tear or hole appear in your quilt, find a similar fabric pattern from an old dress, shirt or sheet, cut to cover the rend and stitch! Not only is it an easy task, but it adds one more memory as the quilt is handed down to the next generation!


Find a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting for storing your quilts. The ultraviolet radiation in both daylight and fluorescent lights causes dyes to fade and fibers to become brittle. Refolding and rotating your quilts seasonally helps protect them from light damage.

Avoid attics, garages, damp basements, and other locations where quilts are exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, and stagnant air. Heat and/or humidity, and lack of ventilation set up the right environment for mold and mildew. An unused extra bed makes an ideal storage spot. Place cotton sheets between quilt layers to prevent dye transfer.

If you put your quilts away, avoid storing quilts directly on wooden shelves or in cardboard containers with gift-wrap-type tissue paper. Untreated wood and paper cause the yellow and brown spots seen on many old quilts. Instead roll cotton quilts (rather than folding) with acid-free tissue paper between the layers. Or, use polyester batting to cushion folds. To prevent permanent creases, regularly refold the quilts in a different way, then reroll them. Place rolled quilts inside cotton pillowcases or sheets to protect against light, dust, and contact with acidic materials. Do not use plastic bags as these tend to retain moisture and encourage mildew growth. If you need to store quilts on wooden shelves, place them in cotton pillowcases first. Then, use a layer of muslin or even aluminum foil to create a barrier between the wood and the pillowcase.

Dry Cleaning

On occasion, we may offer quilts that are labeled Dry Clean Only. In this case, bring the quilt to your local professional dry cleaner and have them test a small section for color fastness in your presence.


Quilt Dimensions

Before you buy a quilt, measure the width, length and depth of your mattress, then use this handy guide to determine the size quilt you need.

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This table lists the standard US mattress sizes, quilt dimensions, and the side and bottom drop length.

Mattress Mattress Size (W x L) Quilt Size (W x L)Side DropBottom Drop
Twin/Single39 × 7568 x 8614.5"11"
Twin/Single XL39 × 8068 x8614.5"6"
Double/Full54 × 75Full 86 x8616"11"

Queen 90 x 9018"15"
Double/Full XL54 × 80Full 86 x 8616"6"

Queen 90 x 9018"10"
Queen60 × 80Queen 90 x 9015"10"

Oversize Queen 96 x 9818"18"

King 100 x 9020"10"

King turned 90 x 10015"20"

King 104 x 9022"10"

King 105 x 9522.5"15"

Luxury King 114 x 9827"18"

King Plus 115 x 10527.5"25"
Olympic Queen66 x 80Queen 90 x 9012"10"

Oversize Queen 96 x 9815"18"

Oversize Queen Turned 98 x 9616"16"

King 100 x 9017"10"

King 104 x 9019"10"

King 105 x 9519.5"15"

Luxury King 114 x 9824"18"

King Plus 115 x 10524.5"25"
California Queen60 x 84Oversize Queen 96 x 9818"14"

King turned 90 x 10015"16"

King 105 x 9522.5"11"

King turned 95 x 10517.5"21"

Luxury King 114 x 9827"14"

Luxury King turned 98 x 11419"20"

King Plus 115 x 10527.5"21"
King76 × 80King 100 x 9012"10"

King 104 x 9014"10"

King 105 x 9514.5"15"

Luxury King 114 x 9819"18"

King Plus 115 x 10519.5"25"
California King72 x 84King 105 x 9516.5"11"

Luxury King 114 x 9821"14"

King Plus 115 x 10521.5"21"


The Easy Way to Find Your Perfect Quilt

If you are not sure about which quilt you want, or which colors you need, don't despair!

At Carolina Patchwork Quilts, we recognize shoppers are often in search of home decor items that match an existing color theme in their home or bedroom, especially in quilts, throws and wall hangings. We also recognize that not all computers are alike, and the colors in our graphics may seem different from computer to computer. We are here to help!

If you need a specific color, or you are looking for a specific theme, please email or call us at 866-505-8600 and let us know what you are looking for! We will scour our catalogs and send you email photos of our suggestions. We will be happy to work directly with you to find the perfect quilt!

We have also designed our site to help you easily find colors and themes yourself with our site search engine. We enjoy the pleasure of working with an expert colorist who supplies the unique colors used each of our quilt descriptions. To find a color you need, simply enter it in the search box and a list of all quilts containing that color will be displayed. It is also possible to find various quilts by different details, such as those with embroidery or appliqué.


Patchwork Quilts - The Perfect Bedroom Decor

Why should you consider quilts for your bedroom decor? There are lots of reasons!

Timeless Style

First, quilts always evoke warm feeling and fond memories in almost everyone. We are reminded of our grandmothers, and the carefree times of our childhood. Quilts have stood the test of time against changing fads in bedding and bedroom decor.

Bedroom Focal Point

Your bed is always the focal point of your bedroom room. You can shift the design focus by using a dominant print for curtains, chair seats or table cloths and putting unobtrusive solid colors on the bed. Because of the relative size of your bed, minimizing focus on your bed will create a spacial imbalance with the other design elements in your room. Before investing in expensive curtains made with a distinctive patterned fabric, recognize that your options for change and variety in the future will be limited.
By using your bedding as the design focal point, your design statement immediately creates interest on entering the room. Using solid fabrics for curtains, walls and accents gives you a lot more choices in the color palette you want. The smaller design elements in your room will complement your focal point instead of competing with it. And you can change your curtains without sacrificing your investment because solid colors are easier to incorporate in another room's design.


Because quilts are typically made with multi-colored fabrics with different patterns, they offer tremendous flexibility in coordinating bedroom design elements, like wall color, curtains and rugs. You can pick one of colors in the quilt as the primary color scheme, or pick two or three for more interest and variety. When you want to redecorate, or make subtle changes in the color scheme, simply pick another color in the quilt! For example, our Spring Bloom quilt can be complemented with lavender, blue, green, pale pink, or neutral beige. Consider periwinkle curtains against pale green walls. Or bright white curtains against rich lavendar walls. The possibilities are endless.

One Quilt, Two Designs

Getting a reversible quilt can really extend your design options. Simply flip it over to quickly change the look of your room. Using both sides of the quilt also lengthens the time between washings, extending the life of your quilt.

Future Heirlooms

Because quilts last for years, they can be future heirlooms for your children or grandchildren. They will remember the quilt on your bed with special memories, and will carry that memory in their hearts forever. They can pass your quilt down through the generations with memories of you embedding in the very fabric.


More about me

I am a female baby boomer coming to the end of a long career in the computer industry, and ready to enjoy my "retirement". I just had to figure out what I wanted to do! I decided to let my passions guide me so whatever path I followed, I would be energized by pleasurable work.

While I enjoy unraveling the mysteries of computers and how they work, my true pleasure comes from restoring and decorating historic homes. I enjoy going back in time and imagining a life lead by the women that came before me.

I love to sew, cook and maintain a comfortable home. I am often amazed by how women did these tasks without the modern conveniences we have today. Can you image doing laundry without a washer and dryer? And thank goodness for permanent press clothing! I love to cook, but all day every day in a hot kitchen on a wood stove, making everything from scratch?

So I continued exploring my options, and suddenly it came to me! Decorating my home to create a comfortable environment always gives me pleasure - I love to shop, I love fine furniture and I always indulge in wonderful bed linens and thick luxurious bath towels (with matching hand towels and wash cloths, of course!).

But how could I compete with the large bedding and bath stores? Then it dawned on me that few of the big guys sell quilts, and those that do only offer a few styles. Given my love of historical treasures, combined with my enjoyment of sewing, topped by my passion for beautiful quality bedding, and adding my computer and internet skills to the mix, my next career became crystal clear. And here I am today.

Because you are reading this, I know you share my love of quilts for their timeless beauty. I hope you find a treasure for yourself in my quilt shop.