More about me

I am a female baby boomer coming to the end of a long career in the computer industry, and ready to enjoy my "retirement". I just had to figure out what I wanted to do! I decided to let my passions guide me so whatever path I followed, I would be energized by pleasurable work.

While I enjoy unraveling the mysteries of computers and how they work, my true pleasure comes from restoring and decorating historic homes. I enjoy going back in time and imagining a life lead by the women that came before me.

I love to sew, cook and maintain a comfortable home. I am often amazed by how women did these tasks without the modern conveniences we have today. Can you image doing laundry without a washer and dryer? And thank goodness for permanent press clothing! I love to cook, but all day every day in a hot kitchen on a wood stove, making everything from scratch?

So I continued exploring my options, and suddenly it came to me! Decorating my home to create a comfortable environment always gives me pleasure - I love to shop, I love fine furniture and I always indulge in wonderful bed linens and thick luxurious bath towels (with matching hand towels and wash cloths, of course!).

But how could I compete with the large bedding and bath stores? Then it dawned on me that few of the big guys sell quilts, and those that do only offer a few styles. Given my love of historical treasures, combined with my enjoyment of sewing, topped by my passion for beautiful quality bedding, and adding my computer and internet skills to the mix, my next career became crystal clear. And here I am today.

Because you are reading this, I know you share my love of quilts for their timeless beauty. I hope you find a treasure for yourself in my quilt shop.

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