Patchwork Quilts - The Perfect Bedroom Decor

Why should you consider quilts for your bedroom decor? There are lots of reasons!

Timeless Style

First, quilts always evoke warm feeling and fond memories in almost everyone. We are reminded of our grandmothers, and the carefree times of our childhood. Quilts have stood the test of time against changing fads in bedding and bedroom decor.

Bedroom Focal Point

Your bed is always the focal point of your bedroom room. You can shift the design focus by using a dominant print for curtains, chair seats or table cloths and putting unobtrusive solid colors on the bed. Because of the relative size of your bed, minimizing focus on your bed will create a spacial imbalance with the other design elements in your room. Before investing in expensive curtains made with a distinctive patterned fabric, recognize that your options for change and variety in the future will be limited.
By using your bedding as the design focal point, your design statement immediately creates interest on entering the room. Using solid fabrics for curtains, walls and accents gives you a lot more choices in the color palette you want. The smaller design elements in your room will complement your focal point instead of competing with it. And you can change your curtains without sacrificing your investment because solid colors are easier to incorporate in another room's design.


Because quilts are typically made with multi-colored fabrics with different patterns, they offer tremendous flexibility in coordinating bedroom design elements, like wall color, curtains and rugs. You can pick one of colors in the quilt as the primary color scheme, or pick two or three for more interest and variety. When you want to redecorate, or make subtle changes in the color scheme, simply pick another color in the quilt! For example, our Spring Bloom quilt can be complemented with lavender, blue, green, pale pink, or neutral beige. Consider periwinkle curtains against pale green walls. Or bright white curtains against rich lavendar walls. The possibilities are endless.

One Quilt, Two Designs

Getting a reversible quilt can really extend your design options. Simply flip it over to quickly change the look of your room. Using both sides of the quilt also lengthens the time between washings, extending the life of your quilt.

Future Heirlooms

Because quilts last for years, they can be future heirlooms for your children or grandchildren. They will remember the quilt on your bed with special memories, and will carry that memory in their hearts forever. They can pass your quilt down through the generations with memories of you embedding in the very fabric.

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